Welcome to Enlighten Together!

Welcome to the new blog Enlighten Together! I am so excited to launch this page and to begin sharing information with others and having others share information with me! Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that people are becoming more aware of what is going on in the world and their surroundings. This will definitely be a phenomenal effort in reaching out to others in the world and to help bring a higher level of awareness about current events and issues that face humanity.

Although I love learning about so many topics, I have decided to give Enlighten Together direction by covering two main topics every month. This will allow myself and viewers to gain a fuller understanding of certain topics rather than tid bits of information here and there. You are welcome to recommend topics that you enjoy learning about and I will definitely put it on the list! Personally I love learning about energy, science, communication, etc. but I will definitely choose more specific topics!

Again, welcome to the blog! Be sure to visit again.

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