Alkaline water (often generalized as kangen water)

Kangen Water ionizer

Alkaline water (often generalized as kangen water) is treated water that has gained much popularity in Japan and has gradually been making its way overseas. Sources claim that the development of cancer and other illnesses is due to acidity levels in the body , and that consuming alkaline water will decrease the acidity levels and prevent illness. The primary methods of obtaining kangen water is either through direct purchase or by treating the water with a machine that can be bought for personal use.

Kangen water is under fire as many sources note that there is no evidence that support the health claims of the alkaline water, and the positive feedback from those who drink the water is said to be of the placebo effect. It has also been noted that the expansion of kangen water in the United States is due to multi-level marketing companies (primarily Enagic) that report faulty information to potential customers.

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Written by Lauren, Geology major and social activist based in Southern California

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