We have gatherings in the works!

Message coming from Lauren!

I (Lauren) recently started a meetup.com group and am hoping that very soon people will begin joining and participating. The first gathering I have scheduled is set to take place on June 30 near Hemet, CA. Depending on the number of people who show up and participate, I may decide to move the meeting location to somewhere that is more central, such as Riverside. I am thinking that having a meeting every two weeks will be adequate, and am open to hosting group trips to unique locations.

The overall goal of these gatherings are to ignite communication between people regarding events happening in this world. I would like to see people give summaries of news reports they’ve read, or to share information regarding scientific and technological advancements or community projects. I want people to recognize how important it is, and even fun, to talk about these subjects with others. This is how enlightenment will occur in our society, and I am very excited about the development of this group. Maybe other similar groups will sprout up as well?

If you are in the Southern California region and are interested in joining, please e-mail info@enlightentogether.com

An official Enlighten Together project. Click to enlarge.

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