ET on the Web

Here are other places on the web where you can find Enlighten Together activity!

BlogTV (live broadcasting)

  • Live broadcasting is a driving force behind Enlighten Together’s development. Lauren broadcasts live online and interacts with viewers in a chat room. The atmosphere of the show is subtle and and welcoming to new viewers. Feel free to drop in, subscribe, and bring new information to the table!  Scheduled time of broadcast is to be determined.
  • Enlighten Together BlogTV channel

Enlighten Together radio station

  • Tune into Enlighten Together’s live radio broadcast once a week that features speakers from various organizations that relate to the topic of the month. This is currently in development, more information will be released soon.
  • Enlighten Together radio station


  • Enlighten Together has a group page on Feel free to join our group and support our cause! If you have never investigated couchsurfing, we encourage you to do so! It is an awesome site.
  • Enlighten Together on Couchsurfing

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